Five Interior Trends This Year To Add Character To Any Room

Have you ever wondered how you can add a different vibe to your home? We uncover the latest unconventional trends everyone is talking about that will give your property an unexpected ‘wow’ factor. It can be a little bit intimidating to embrace a new trend, but some of the ideas shared below will help you think out of the box and be a bit daring and play with new colours, shapes and materials.


Colour blocking  might have started on the runways but it has found its way into people’s homes too. A graphic mix of wall colours, upholstery and rugs will give your property a unique character which reflects your personality. But how do you start? Firstly, don’t be afraid of changing your mind: choose the colours for one room and go on from there. Combine unexpected colour, use graphic shapes on the walls, or simply paint the doors - you will be surprise by the final result. Another clever way and less invasive way of doing colour blocking is in the kitchen, by changing colour of the the frontals and using a different material. There is nothing more eye-catching than a a sky blue tap for your sink. 


Coloured ceilings is not a new trend in architecture and interior design. For hundreds of years, the ceiling has been a white canvas where artists showcased their majestic works like Michelangelo, but I also suggest checking out ‘Camera degli Sposi’ by Andrea Mantegna - breathtaking! With more contemporary interiors, it may seem this feature has disappeared but there are few brave homeowners willing to revisit the look and totally transform their space, and treat the ceiling as important as the flooring. There are so many different ways you can paint your ceiling but bear in mind the ceiling height. If you want to create a lighter and airy atmosphere, choose a colour which is a few tones lighter then your walls. Alternatively, if you want a more dramatic atmosphere then go several tones darker: the ceiling will feel lower and the room more intimate. Another way is to match your wall colour; the room will feel complete and will give you enough flexibility to create a contrast with the furniture. Those who want to be even bolder, painting the ceiling with a radically different colour is the ultimate statement of character. 


70’s are back and so is carpet with it! And we mean using carpet not just on floor - we’re talking on the walls and ceiling too. When I first heard this trend was coming back, I was horrified but after seeing some recent interiors, I changed my mind. Using carpet on your walls changes your perspective of a space and creates a sense of coziness at the same time - plus the additional sounds proofing always helps. You can either cover the entire wall or create a feature wall., that’s really up to what you want to achieve. Having a carpet version of wood panelling is a great introduction to this new trend without being too oppressive; it’s trendy, different and completely outlandish. If you have a big space and wants to create a more intimate atmosphere then using carpet could be the option for you. Just be cautious with colours, as using bright colours and ‘over the top’ patterns can overpower, compared to neutral ones which are much are much more sophisticated and elegant.


Panelling is always a good idea if you want to add pedigree and age to your home. You can use this technique in every room and in any type of house, so it’s not just reserved for period houses. If you are thinking about installing wall panelling in your home we suggest to use MDF as it’s much cheaper and easier to maintain and shape; once painted you can hardly see the difference compared to solid wood.

There are various styles to fuel your imagination; full height panel for a classic look, or contemporary fluted panelling for a refined and high-end appearance. Alternatively, You can even cover the original wall with wall paper and then apply cornices, this way you’ll have the look of a wall panel but save precious space at the same time. 


Resin flooring is becoming a hugely popular flooring option in contemporary homes today. Thanks to its durability, easy maintenance and resistance to spills and stains is often used in kitchen and bathrooms. This versatile material adapts to the room temperature, adapting to allow a sense of warmth during winter and coolness in summer. The colour choices are endless, and some companies can decorate the resin with various effects like concrete and marble. It’s important to know that your original flooring is prepared correctly as resin flooring is poured on site by professionals to achieve a perfectly flat surface. Don’t forget, resins can also be used on walls too making it a perfect materials for walk-in showers or wet rooms. 

If you’ve already experimented with one of these new trends in your home, we’d love to see the results of your own brave and beautiful interpretations. Post your pics on Instagram and use our hashtag #spaceshackldn

Love Omar x

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