Tim's Kitchen Makeover

Client: Tim Smith
Location: Barnet, North London
Dwelling: Apartment
The Space: The entire apartment (Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallway & Living Room).

The Kitchen Brief:

  • Half kitchen refit including a new worktop, splash back tiles, floor tiles and fresh paint

What was the initial space like?

The kitchen was decked out with a simple white Italian made Cucina Kitchen, as we had a limited budget for this space and it was of good quality it seemed pointless to replace it, although it did have one eyesore feature - a purple glass worktop and splashback. Tim was known amongst his friends for this famous purple worktop which at the beginning it seemed cool and liveable feature but after a while he ended up really dislikiing it, so it had to go!

The Transformation

We suggested a half kitchen refit for the kitchen, changing the worktop, wall and floor tiles and adding a few additional features to spruce up the place. The result is a revamped kitchen at the fraction of the cost of fitting a completely new model.

As Tim is a keen lover of urban industrial design, especially concrete surfaces, he loved the idea of having a concrete surface as a worktop, however, we suggested an alternative laminate material to this ever popular concrete look which is more durable and practical when laying on top of existing units. It's super smooth, stain and scratch resistant and was an obvious solution and most importantly, within budget. Our laminate is a lot thinner than the average laminate worktop which is typically 38mm, we opted for the 28mm thickness which is a lot sleeker in design.

Splash Back and Exposed Shelving 

We replaced the purple with matte white porcelain brick tiles to compliment the white units and keep with the monochrome design scheme throughout. We decided to install exposed shelving where there was dead space underneath the shape of the stairwell above. By doing this, we create much more storage, something vital for a small kitchen as this one. We filled this gap building shelving made from the same worktop material and created an area which Tim could display all his new kitchen accessories.


Floor Tiles and Chalk Board Wall 

We love using large floor tiles as you have fewer grout lines creating a more seamless look which makes the floor look larger. We opted for large 1.2m x 60 cm tiles, a perfect fit for this Galley Kitchen design as the width between the wall and the unit was only 1.3 metres. This porcelain tile is very easy to clean and totally looks the part.

The chalk board wall was an original feature but we wanted to freshen it up with a coat of new chalk board paint. We also went the extra mile and suggested how we improve on it further by creating different sections so he could use it in a more organised and creative manner. With the help of our magic friend Frog Tape, we were able to create super crisp lines to separate each area out to create a To Do List, Shopping List, Notes and Calendar, plus a space for sketching every now and then, as Tim loves to doodle!

Sink and Taps

The existing kitchen taps were basic stainless steel and also tended to spray everywhere - not a very practical feature, especially for this small kitchen. In keeping with the monochromatic theme, and knowing Tim's love for matte black finishes, we proposed to go for a matte black sink and taps. This design option isn't for everyone as they tend to leave watermarks if you don't wipe your surfaces down, so if you tend to leave your dishes by the sink to dry I wouldn't recommend them. In Tim's case, he barely used the sink and preferred to use his dishwasher instead if he chose to cook at home. The features finish the kitchen off nicely and make it unique with their sleek, smart and sophisticated feel. 


The existing lights were falling apart and kept fusing - an absolute nightmare! We decided upon for LED Down Lights without transformers, which prove to be a successful choice for previous client projects. As it's a small narrow space, using these down lights are pretty much the only option, as having pendant lights would not work due to the cupboard doors hitting them.

With all these elements in place, the room now looks like an entirely new kitchen. A room once a bit of an embarrassing joke to Tim and his friends is now one of his favourite parts of his brand new apartment. We couldn't be happier ourselves, another successful transformation for Space Shack! 

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Love Omar x

Photography & Video Production by Reece Chapman and Collective Vision.