Tim's Bathroom Makeover

Client: Tim Smith
Location: Barnet, North London
Dwelling: Apartment
The Space: The entire apartment (Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Hallway & Living Room).

The Bathroom Brief:

  • A new practical and stylish bathroom
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What was the initial space like?

Tim absolutely hated his bathroom as very little natural light came in and the layout was impractical for his needs. One major design flaw was the fact the door would open from the inside allowing no room at all to move. The bathtub was never used as Tim is quite a tall chap and prefers showers and top it all, he would constantly hit his head on the cabinet door above the tiny sink when Tim wanted to wash his face or brush his teeth! The brief was simple: everything had to change!

The Transformation

Replacing the bath tub with a shower cubicle and fitting a bi-fold door to tackle the entryway problem would ensure Tim would have plenty more space. Matte black hardware and radiator would allow us to continue the monochromatic feel Tim wanted to have running through the entire apartment.

The Tiles

By choosing simple 40cm x 60cm matte white tiles for the walls, this allowed us to open up the bathroom more. The height of the ceiling was relatively higher than the average bathroom. Going right to the top with one type of material and laying the tiles in the traditional horizontal brick format made the room feel instantly taller. To make the vanity unit stand out, we did a feature of smaller matte black tiles, but this time we used the same brick format vertically instead.

Even though there isn't a lot of floor space and to brighten the bathroom even further, we decided to install shimmering grey floor tiles made by Fired Earth which would let the light bounce off them. This subtle design feature changes the colour tone of the room as the natural light hits them at different times of the day, a small touch we think is definitely worth the investment.

The Shower & Vanity Unit

Tim really wanted something a bit different for the shower, suggested a black shower tray from CP Hart to keep in theme with the monochrome design scheme. However, black bathroom and kitchen fixtures have a tendency to show water marks, not a very practical option if you live in a hard water area. Ultimately, as with any project, it is our client's home and final decision, Our job is to work with their design choices but to flag up any potential problems in the process.

As Tim's heart was set on this, we were more than happy to go create the super chic shower which he now adores. The black taps and shower head were all wall-mounted and became a great design feature to compliment the rest of the interior and we love the way the black really pops against the white tile. 

The Vanity Unit is my favourite feature of Tim's bathroom. The simple slim-line shape of this vanity is the perfect fit for this corner of the bathroom and what makes it even better is the ample storage beneath it so he can keep all his toiletries hidden away.

Bathroom Accessories

The bath mat from Decorum was the perfect size for the space between the vanity unit and shower. The chevron pattern design and matching colours were a great way to tie in the rest of the style of the bathroom. We also wanted to bring a touch of sophistication by adding some Tom Dixon hand wash for the sink area.

Even though most people use their 'bathroom time' to watch YouTube videos or check Facebook on their phone, Tim still loves his magazines. So we thought why not put a magazine rack in the bathroom so he could have a cheeky flick through the latest Tech mag when he's using the men's room. This wired magazine rack we found from H&M Home is a great design feature and offsets the black and white theme perfectly and adds much-needed personality to the bathroom too. 

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Love Omar x

Photography & Video Production by Reece Chapman and Collective Vision.