Finding A Feature Wall Right For Your Home

Space Shack is currently working on a brand new project where we are looking into ideas to do a feature wall in every room in the house. Thinking a little further afield, we wanted to do something more than a simple painted wall, and our research has given us an opportunity to look at what trends are currently out there to inspire us. We now have a ton of ideas we desperately want to try out now, and as you can see, there are so many different ways to make a drab white wall stand out and set the tone for your decor.

Tiled Feature Walls

Image:  Ideal Home

Image: Ideal Home

I just love bathroom feature walls, as it’s the primary place in the home where you start to unwind and relax so it should feel special. Unfortunately, many people leave decorating their bathrooms at the bottom of their 'to-do list' and usually focus on the kitchen or living space instead. Why not prioritise it and change the tiles of one wall, it's a super easy way to add a contemporary new look to your bathroom, especially if you decide to vary the colour and direction of the tiles. We love the zig-zag tiling technique and stunning use of light teal and bronze features in this gorgeous design. 

Textured Feature Walls 

Image:  Johnson Tiles

Textures add a real sense of drama and tactile quality to a room if you choose your materials carefully and can turn a white wall into something eye-catching as it casts shadow and reflects light across the surface of the wall. If you fancy being brave and love to be a trendsetter when it comes to interiors why not opt something like these white hexagonal tiles from Johnson Tiles which introduce a geometric pattern without compromising the muted colours of the room.

Picture Feature Wall 

I believe you can't go wrong with a gallery wall using a variety of photo frames or pictures arranged to span across one wall of a room. It is a fantastic way of showing personality or your passions, or a provide a historical visual representation of your family and friends which will keep visitors occupied for hours as they gaze up at your wall. Don't be intimated by the prospect of this gargantuan task though, it's quite simple, and you can always follow our own 'How to Hang Your Very Own Gallery Wall' article to give you a helping hand. Don't forget to check out vintage stories, charity shops and car boot sales to find frames to keep the cost down. 

Oversized Print Feature Walls  

Image:  Ideal Home

Image: Ideal Home

One of our mottos is 'Go big, or go home’ and wallpaper designs featuring oversized prints comes under this approach. You can customise your wall from a photograph you own and get it printed by or choose one of many inspirational designs from Murals Wallpaper. Using a large scale print can open up a small room considerably or give the illusion of light in a dark space. Choose your accompanying furniture wisely as the decor can become busy quite quickly or become a distraction to the wall itself. If you need advice on how to wallpaper, check out our guide to 'How To Hang Your Wallpaper Like A Professional'

Practical Feature Walls 



For those of us who don't have the time or energy to redo an entire wall, there is one quick and efficient solution which is to use household items to create your feature wall. This technique is particularly effective in the kitchen or a child's bedroom, and funnily, almost like the modern equivalent of hanging three flying ducks above the fireplace. A feature wall to hang your copper pans, kitchen utensils or chopping board (as pictured) can make a kitchen feel functional yet beautiful and show off your purchases at the same time - decor even Julia Child would approve of if she were around today. Vinyl alphabet stickers are an obvious choice for a child's room but perhaps consider shallow shelves to display books, a play calendar and other learning materials.

Love Omar x

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