Our Bankside Apartment Makeover Begins


Back in May, a private client contacted us after seeing our work on Instagram and our blog and invited us to take a look at his apartment by the Thames river at Bankside, home to the Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Such a beautiful and iconic location, we couldn't be more excited at the prospect of working on a residency in this area of London.

Our client is a corporate banker and lives on the outskirts of London for most of the week but decided to purchase this additional apartment as it made sense for him to be closer to work during the weekdays. Unfortunately, since moving in last year and being swamped with work, he's failed to get around to making the place the home it deserves to be. Our challenge, of course, is to make this a reality for him. 


After a brief telephone conversation, we set up a meeting at the Bankside location. We like to start all our client projects as we get to see the relationship the owner has with their space and from that the project begins to take shape. We began discussing the many improvements required: a dedicated area to house his growing number of books he collects, a new flooring solution throughout to brighten up the entire space and the installation of some new air conditioning units to tackle the ongoing issue of the apartment getting too hot. We could tell from the moment we stepped into the flat that sunlight was a blessing in the sense natural light is key to any home looking bright and inviting but also a curse as you are essentially living in a greenhouse during the summer months. The installation of some serious air condition units and a large scale modular bookshelf will be the biggest challenges of this project as there are some many considerations, from the location of the air conditioning units for optimal coverage to ensuring exact measurements for the shelving which could ruin a costly customised build.

    The apartment before Space Shack stepped in to transform the space.

    What do we plan to do?

    After talking through all requirements, we identified five key areas of renovation:

    • Design and installation of a bespoke modular book shelving including a media solution 
    • New flooring throughout the entire apartment
    • General repairs throughout the hallway and living area
    • New paint and a clean up of all severely damaged walls and woodwork
    • New lighting solutions for all spaces throughout the living and kitchen area
    Photo 11-07-2017, 15 40 08.jpg

    Along with these practical requirements, the apartment interiors had to encourage our client to stop thinking of it as a halfway house and somewhere where he could legitimately want to hang around in while he was in town. A common trait with many city corporate apartments is that these are either extremely functional or neglected spaces. Less a home, more a dumping ground for your suits and work gear.

    Next week we will show you the final finished makeover which I promise you will amaze you! If you'd like to keep up to date with our other projects from Space Shack,  please follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook!

    Love Omar x